The Value of Life Essay – Example and Tips

value of life essay example tips


Each of us is a little bit of a philosopher. We try to know the world, asking ourselves and others questions about life. Is there life after death? What is the meaning of life? What is happiness? Who created the world? All of these questions are related to the concept of “life” But what is “life”? Who is it given to and why?

In the explanatory dictionary, one can find a dry definition of several meanings: life is the activity of society and man in one or another of its manifestations; real reality. But can a small dictionary article reveal the meaning, or rather, the set of meanings of this concept?! Probably, how many people on earth, so many values ​​can have this perfect word. After all, each of us has a life, so everyone has something to tell about his.

Life is a great miracle! Your life should be taken as a great value, cherish, love, and respect and appreciate other people’s lives. Life is a lucky lottery ticket. But the victory must be able to properly dispose of, so that it brought happiness. Aspiring to our happiness, we dream from childhood, set goals, we are looking for ways to solve problems.


Every age has its own happiness. In childhood, true happiness is a new toy, in youth – the first love, in maturity – a new apartment or promotion. A man is building his life, like a carpenter making a ladder. Steps are our dreams. The more steps and the higher the person climbed, the more he achieved. Though dreams are the goals, you need to find the ways of their achievement. Setting goals is a very important stage, but achieving those goals are not less important. Besides, the process of moving towards the happy future is also one of the reasons to live and a great source of energy for every day activity.

To live is already strangely enough, at first glance, it sounds – a lot of work. The life path of a person is not easy. We all face difficulties, dangers, all of us experience difficult moments. Joys are replaced by sorrows, bright days are gloomy and sorrowful. There are black and white stripes. The difficulty is that the black strip does not knock a person off the right track, does not weaken him and does not make him hate life, give it up. No matter how great the grief is, it always passes, the pain is dulled by time and new hopes. Whatever happens, you need to look for strength and live on. Life is movement, constant development, search. We feel that we live when we are engaged in sports, learn, become parents. Life is only filled with meaning when a person sees the result of his work, feels important, indispensable, necessary and useful to others. There is an invisible creativity in every moment. We are the creators of our lives. To the picture of life was bright, harmonious, you need to work on it every moment.

Otherwise, life turns into a quiet, even excruciating existence. Then the search for the meaning of life becomes inconclusive. Life turns monotonous repetition of days, years. It does not bring joy. The taste for life is lost. What can help? Only abrupt changes, that is movement. When you become passive, you die from inside.

But not every movement brings a sense of happiness. The modern rhythm of life is very dynamic. We always hurry somewhere, try to buy something, go somewhere, see something, earn more money, want to keep abreast of all events, watch the latest news – we turn, we turn … we are going to become someone, achieve something and start living happily. But often in this bustle, in the pursuit of happiness, we forget about the most important thing – you need to live every day, every moment. Do not postpone anything for later, so as not to lose valuable time. We deprive ourselves of the joy of communicating with parents, with children, we suppress our feelings, because we do not have enough time for this. We limit ourselves to desires so that later we can live better. But in the race for ghostly happiness we burn life in vain. There comes a “sweat”, and life has passed, there is no longer any strength to strive for, there is no sense of happiness because it has been locked up for years and hidden from ourselves. After all, happiness consists of many small and big joys. The more they fill the life, the happier the person feels. Therefore, every day, every minute of life must be filled with meaning, in any act the goal must be laid.


Life is an opportunity for self-expression of a person, a chance to make a great discovery, to declare to the world about oneself. Each person is individual and unique. But only a few are destined to become world famous, to perpetuate their names in history. Only a few make great discoveries, write great works. This is their purpose. The hero of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” Raskolnikov also saw in his life a great destiny: he considered himself entitled to dispose of other people’s lives, to judge others for the sake of social justice. The hero considered himself a God, but turned out to be a simple man, he suffered a spiritual punishment for his crime. No one has the right to destroy someone else’s life, no matter how good the goal was.

So what is life? Probably, the meaning lies in life itself, in the mystery of its birth and the mystery of death, in its continuation in descendants. I do not think that there is a universal value of life and one can define this philosophic matter. But the more people ask themselves about the true value of life, the more they think about it, the more sense they bring to their life and the life of people surrounding them.

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