Top Tips for Writing a College Admission Essay

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To be admitted to the majority of the colleges today, you are to write an essay. The college admission essay is aimed at defining your abilities and showing the admission committee what kind of person you are. Don’t forget that there are thousands of people who wish to enter this or that college. So, your primary goal is to stand out from them and to prove that you really deserve to be one of the chosen students. For admission officers, it is very hard to tell who you are and to make their decision without examining you through your essay. In this article, we present some of the most helpful tips for writing a good application essay.

Plan Everything

There can be no good result if your work is not planned well. Try to find out all the possible information about the admission officers and a particular college you wish to apply to. Be aware of the topic of your essay and the way you want to put it out. In many colleges topics are created specifically to test particular knowledge and abilities, so you are to do your best to show that you fit this or that college.

The list of the most typical questions for an admission essay:

  • In some cases, students are sure that avoiding the information of their past, hobbies or origin will be a failure. If this is your case, feel free to write about all the important issues of your life in the essay.
  • Every day is a lesson, even a bad one. So even mistakes and failures can push you to success. If you had such kind of experience in your life, write about it.
  • Dwell upon any trouble that you managed to cope with. You may write either about ethical problems, intellectual dilemmas or anything that had a personal importance to you and what you managed to do to solve the problem.
  • Write about what was the breaking point for you to switch from being a child to becoming an adult.

Tell how your surroundings and culture influenced this process.

The topics mentioned above are most popular with admission committees in most colleges. They are acceptable when it comes to average admission essay writing. Nevertheless, in some of the most established schools, you may be given a task to write an essay on outstanding topics. Don’t relax and be aware of what may wait for you.

Correct Format of an Essay

There is a lot of universities that do not require specific topics during the admission period. Though, we don’t advise you to switch from the classic scheme of your essay structure: first, goes the intro part; then goes the body part, and conclusion finishes it all. The body paragraphs can be of any volume, which is defined by the amount of information you want to put out. You may even reach your goal by a single paragraph in case it is written well and with a big share of creativity. As soon as the body part is done, you may add intro and conclusion to sum it all up.

Be Laconic

Admission committee members have to read tons of essays every day so don’t overload your paper with words and make it concise. The perfect way to write a good essay is to put all the necessary information in a few words. This will make your paper interesting to read.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Jokes

Don’t underestimate the importance of humor in your essay. It can make your paper livelier and catchy. Sometimes it is not enough just to write your work well. You also have to attract the officer’s attention. Such hooks can show interesting aspects of your personality and help the admission committee to point out your work among the others.

There should be three main parts in the joke:

  • There should be a visible proof that you are ready to be admitted to the college.
  • It should reflect what type of personality you are. It is really hard for an officer to tell whether you are an introvert or extrovert, for example. Try to display such things through your joke, and it will add you more points for being quite skilled in using your language.
  • Toss out the information of lesser importance. It is much better to present a significant fact, than to stuff plenty of less valuable and interesting information into your joke.