The Way That Essays Should Be Organized

The Way That Essays Should Be Organized- best essay writing service- only usa writers

With the help of essay examples, it is possible to understand the writer’s’ techniques.  Writers use existing guidelines and employ them to their composition. Thus, looking at essays including five passages, it is easy to distinguish the execution of every instruction. There is the simplest working principle in this system, i.e. choose the part, realize its task in the frame of the text and create!

The first part is the introduction, consisting of:

  1. Catching statement (Make the reader interested!);
  2. Concise presentation (Display the key statements in short);
  3. Thesis statement (The sentence where the point/value of the whole essay is presented).

Next, comes the main body (all paragraphs of which are outlined in the same way):

  1. The part that reveals the topic of the work – the topic sentence;
  2. The one that presents the idea – the claim;
  3. The one with proofs – the evidence;
  4. And the one where you show that your proofs are credible – the explanation.

Your conclusion should have:

  1. Thesis paraphrasing (thesis is being restated);
  2. A short paraphrasing of an explanation part;
  3. General Summary (Give a total conclusion on the whole text).

Examples of essays aimed at persuasion or comparison, the biggest part of essays for TOEFL exams, SAT essays, and the long list of others have much in common in their structure.

We want to introduce you to some essay examples which will help you to get an excellent mark.