Popular Topics for Writing Effective Essays

Popular Topics for Writing Effective Essays - best essay writing service only usa writers

Writing an effective essay starts with choosing a great topic idea. If you need some topic ideas for your next essay, keep reading. Only U.S.A. Writers has compiled some of the most popular topics for writing effective essays.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. College fees, are they more important than education process itself?
  2. Marijuana in medical sphere and its pros and cons.
  3. Death sentences, to ban or not to ban?

Compare and Contrast

  1. Social structures of the Soviet Union and the Western world, main differences.
  2. Atomic and solar energy, their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Apple or Microsoft? General review, unique traits, common features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Cause and Effect Essay

  1. The way social networks influence our ability to communicate.
  2. The connection between nervous breakdowns and physical health.
  3. Exercises and physical activity in relation to mental abilities.

Process Essay Topics

  1. How to do your best in football?
  2. How to find pitfalls of A-grade strategies?
  3. How to succeed in songwriting?

Personal Essay Topics

  1. Tell us about one frightening experience you had to cope with.
  2. Think of the times you made up your mind to be responsible for others and show them way in life.
  3. Share the situation when you were made to change your principles at the very root. How did you feel? What was the result?