How to Write a Career Goals Essay including Examples and Tips

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Content of Career Goals Essay

Let’s define in what cases it may be necessary to write career goals essay. Students of high school often receive assignments for writing such an essay, as well as students of universities and colleges. Less often, such a requirement can be applied to job applicants. Almost all educational institutions require such career goals essay from applicants when they enroll in the MBA course.

What should be the content of the essay? What should you write about? Tell about your dreams and plans for the future. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or even in 15 years? In the introduction, tell a little about your achievements at the moment, they will serve as a basis for the narrative and will justify your plans. In your reasoning, be realistic and try to assess your chances objectively. But in no case should you underestimate your merits and talents. The career goals essay is not a place for excessive modesty, because the person who will read it will evaluate you accordingly.

When writing career goals essay, do not forget to follow the correct structure of essay. It consists of introduction, main body and conclusion. The main body may consist of several parts, depending on the desired volume. In the main body is where you tell about your goals and plans. Specify how you are going to achieve them.

Career Essay for High School Students

After leaving school, there is a question: “Where to go further, and what to do with your life and career”. It is better to decide in advance the choice of the future profession. This is the first truly serious independent step in life. I really want to find a profession for the whole life. To ensure that it brings a good income, and pleasure, and opportunities to develop. I want to easily find a job by profession, where there would be a lot of interesting people and a close-knit team.

Maybe you should ask your parents for advice. It is interesting when children continue the work of their parents. Work becomes family tradition, and in the third generation, the best specialists grow. The choice of the future profession should be based not so much on desire as on the abilities. It is interesting for a person to do what he does well. This, probably, is the inclination. Unfortunately, not always our abilities are suitable for highly paid work.

In my childhood I wanted to be a doctor, like my grandparents, my mother and sister. Now, my desire has changed. I like to sing, read and play on stage. I want to immerse myself in theatrical life, try on different roles, play on stage in front of a full audience hall.

The acting profession requires a lot of effort and constant study. On stage, the actor must be sincere. With all my heart, I feel and love my role. Actors are masters of “reincarnation”. People who are able to turn outwardly and internally into another person. After all, it is not enough to put on a suit and a wig, you need to change your gait, facial expressions, gestures and even thoughts for your character. Versatility and falsehood are always noticeable. This profession is very difficult and very interesting. The actor brings culture and art to people.

For admission to a theatrical institution of higher education you need to have brilliant skills and excellent knowledge, and most importantly – talent. I am not afraid of difficulties. Throughout the school years, I studied diligently and learned the sciences. Favorite school subjects have always been language and literature, to exact sciences, unfortunately, I tend to a lesser extent. Since ten years I have been engaged in a theatrical club, I am learning to dance and sing in the choir. I try to develop my speech – I read a lot and repeat tongue twisters. I think all this will help me when I get there.

I often imagine myself on stage in front of the audience. From early childhood, my parents taught me to go to the theater. We went to staging works of art. Perhaps there was a love for literature from there. Once I happened to go behind the scenes of the Broadway Theater, where I could feel the working atmosphere. The actors were running around, wearing costumes and wigs. Then I realized that I wanted to be an actor.

The life of the actor is multifaceted. Throughout the creative path, they are accompanied by communication with people, playing on stage, emotions, rehearsals. Troupes travel to different cities with their performance. Each actor lives in the image, and brings it to the viewer, and in return receives a charge of energy and positive.

In addition to the positive aspects, the profession of the actor has its drawbacks. It is necessary to work all the time, to memorize large amounts of information. The working day does not have a normalized schedule. Work and personal life are gradually intertwined. Fees in small theaters are small, all the time you need to strive for more.

The demand for a profession is wide in large cities, where cinematography is actively developing. It is important not to sit still, but always look for application to your talents. Beginning actors go to theater and cinema castings, but more often.

However, the profession of the artist is very promising. Possessing the ability to be someone else and properly use his talent, the actor can find work in many areas. It is best to get on television, and to become recognizable to a wide audience. In this case, the fees will also increase.

I choose this profession for myself, despite the difficulties. In my future profession, there are many positive aspects. The main thing for me is personal development and a constant desire to become better. As they say: “Find your passion, and you will not work a day”. To achieve this, and you need to strive, choosing a profession.

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