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Hillary Rodham Clinton is a US political figure, US Secretary of State (2008), a member of the US Senate from the State of New York (2001-2009), a member of the US Democratic Party, and the first lady – the wife of US President Bill Clinton (1993- 2001).

Parents of Hillary Rodham Clinton came from England and Wales. Her mother, Dorothy Rhode, was a housewife. Her father, Hugh Rodham, was the owner of a small textile company. Hillary’s father is of British descent, and on the maternal line the family had English, Scots, Welsh and Dutch roots.

Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. When the girl was four years old, her family moved to Chicago. They settled in the Park Ridge area, near Chicago O’Hare’s airport. Even at school age, Hillary was carried away by politics and considered herself a Republican. In the neighborhoods of southern Chicago, Hillary actively assisted the local pastor in working with Hispanic and African American children.

In 1965, Hillary graduated from high school, becoming a finalist of the state program for gifted students. She continued her studies at Wellesley College of Women. She chose courses with a political bias.

At school, Hillary Clinton was a top student and social activist. Interestingly, initially Hillary Clinton adhered to conservative political views. But while studying in college, she was elected president of the organization “Young Republicans Wellesley.” In 1968, Hillary was elected president of the State Association of Wellesley College. At this time, she began to have doubts about the correctness of the chosen course. In one of the interviews she said that she had a conservative mind, but the heart of a democrat.

Hillary Rodham Clinton led the election campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy. McCarthy belonged to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, supported the expansion of social legislation, and sharply criticized the Vietnam War. Hillary herself also became popular thanks to the victories in television programs for the College Cup and criticism of the policy of the Richard Nixon administration.



In 1973, Hillary received a doctorate in law, and the following year she studied the course of children’s medicine in a specialized training center for alma mater. Upon completion of the program, she received a lawyer position in the Children’s Protection Fund.

After graduation, the future first lady moved to Washington. On the recommendation of Judge John Dore, civil rights specialist, Hillary worked in the legal commission of the House of Representatives, who was preparing an indictment against President Nixon, in the framework of Watergate.

In 1976, in the capital of Arkansas Little Rock, Bill Clinton became the state attorney general.

And Hillary, now Clinton, has made great strides in jurisprudence. Care for children is the general line of her biography at this stage of social activity. In 1976, she became a member of the Presidium of the Children’s Fund of the CDF (Committees for the Defense of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms), and from 1989 to 1992, its chairman.

In addition to protecting the rights of children, Hillary was concerned about the problem of gender inequality, which she tried to resolve in the Board of Directors of the American Bar Association, lobbying the interests of women lawyers. She was a member of the presidium of the department, which finances hospitals for the poor (1978-1981). She managed to attract businessmen to her side to support her public programs. Hillary Clinton was awarded the title “Young mother of the year” in 1984.


When Bill Clinton ran for presidency, Hillary was his first assistant. Becoming the first lady of the state after her husband’s victory in the presidential elections of 1992, she headed the Operational Committee on Health Care Reform. However, her new health program was severely criticized. This led to a decline in the popularity of Democrats and, on the contrary, increased support for Republicans. The number of the latter in the Senate and the White House has increased, and the role of Hillary Clinton in resolving political issues has significantly weakened.

This is not the only failure in the biography of Hillary. In 1994, the Clinton couple became the main defendants in the scandal with the corporation “Whitewater”. They were suspected of financial fraud: as Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton invested in a construction company that soon went bankrupt, and the total loss was approaching $ 45 million. Clinton himself also lost a significant amount (about $ 70 thousand). The bankrupt investors considered that as governor, he was obliged to supervise the activities of the company. The oil was poured into the fire by the fact that Hillary was in the service of a law firm that served Whitewater. However, the court had no evidence of the involvement of the Clintons in any machinations.

He did not have time to forget this scandal with Hillary, as the newspapers were filled with new provocative headlines: “Bill Clinton slept with Monica Lewinsky!” Between November 1995 and March 1997, Lewinsky had intimate relations with Bill Clinton. To conceal the scandal, Monica moved to work in the Pentagon, and the president’s secret would remain in the walls of the Oval Office, but Linda Tripp, Monica’s close friend, announced the recording of a telephone conversation where Lewinsky shares details about the affair with Bill Clinton. Hillary bravely rose to her husband’s side, accusing Monica of slander. She said that all this is a conspiracy against the president. However, it turned out that it was true and President Clinton’s story was worth trying to impeach for false testimony and obstructing justice. Impeachment was avoided, in court, Bill Clinton explained that he simply did not mean oral sex when he said that he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.


In 2000, Hillary Clinton acted as a Democratic candidate for the Senate from the State of New York. Working in the US Senate, Hillary Clinton was a classic “hawk” in the fight against terrorism and military policy. In the fall of 2002, she voted to start a war with Iraq, and in 2005 – against withdrawing troops from a hot spot. Bill Clinton did not share the political views of his wife.

Hillary Clinton officially announced her intention to participate in the presidential race, on January 20, 2007. Her inner-party rival was Barack Obama. But on June 7 Clinton withdrew from the presidential race and urged her supporters to give their votes to Obama.


On January 13, 2009, Hillary Clinton officially became US Secretary of State. She strongly supported strengthening of the military presence in Afghanistan and Libya, approved the “Arab Spring” and especially the bombardment of the positions of the army of Muammar Gaddafi. The world public was impressed by its inadequate response to the brutal massacre of “revolutionaries” over Gaddafi. Her enthusiastic exclamation “Wow!” is often quoted on various talk shows.

Also, Hillary Clinton was anti-Russian. In her book Hard Choices, she wrote bluntly that the US “did a good job in containing the Soviet Union” and although it had to support “various scoundrels,” but “we had a comprehensive strategy in everything we tried to do, and that led to the defeat of the USSR and the collapse of communism.”

On February 1, 2013 Clinton left the post, passing the reins of government to John Kerry.

In April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her intention to participate in the upcoming presidential election from the party of democrats. Following the results of the primaries in early 2016, she became one of the leaders of the pre-election race. Her rivals were Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, and in the final stage Donald Trump.

A couple of months before the final elections that took place on November 8, 2016, the overwhelming majority of analysts had no doubt in the victory of Clinton. The more shocking was the victory of Trump – the oligarch -developer scored 276 votes of electors, while Hillary Clinton had 218. Hillary showed courage, after announcing the results she called Donald Trump and admitted defeat.

A scandal with the electronic mail of Hillary played a role. As secretary of state in 2009-2013, Hillary led state and private correspondence through her own private server. Later, she was accused of concealing information, the vulnerability of state secrets and the potential for their diversion to foreign hackers, during the election campaign, Donald Trump even promised to put her in jail.

Health problems also affected the results of the race, so before the election at a public mourning ceremony in memory of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the 68-year-old US presidential candidate fainted.


Bill and Hillary Clinton are still together, despite the case with Monica Lewinsky and rumors of other affairs of her husband. The daughter of Hillary and Bill, Chelsea Clinton was born on February 27, 1980. Chelsea’s youth was under the close scrutiny of the media. When she studied at Stanford University, she was guarded by 25 bodyguards, and the room was with bullet-proof glasses. In September 2014, Bill and Hillary Clinton became grandparents when Chelsea and her husband banker Marc Mezvinsky had a daughter, Charlotte. The second grandson of Hillary was Aidan Clinton Mezvinski, who was born in 2016.


On April 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Election from the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton was the most popular candidate for the Democratic Party, but an independent opponent was made by an independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who became the second Democratic candidate. Also as a possible candidate from the Democrats, Vice President Joe Biden was considered, but in October 2015 he refused to nominate his candidacy. Clinton had another rival, Maryland’s ex-governor Martin O’Malley. Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, Lawrence Lessig withdrew their candidatures before the primaries because of the low ratings. Martin O’Malley refused to participate in the primaries after the unsuccessful debut in Iowa (ex-governor gained only 1%).

As a result of the primaries, the alleged candidate was Clinton, who won in 28 states (against 21 in Bernie Sanders), as well as all territories and in the District of Columbia. July 22, 2016 Hillary Clinton said that Senator from the State of Virginia Timoni Kane will be the candidate for the US Vice-Presidents from the Democratic Party.

November 8, 2016 elections were held. Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump. Following the voting of the electoral college on December 19, 2016, the votes of 304 electors for Trump and 227 for Clinton were confirmed. However, Clinton outstripped Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, gaining 65.84 million against 62.98 million.

On September 12, 2017, Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened”, dedicated to her participation in the presidential race, was published.

On May 15, 2017, she announced the creation of a political group Onward Together, aimed at encouraging ordinary people to participate more actively in politics and countering the administration of President Trump.


Hillary Clinton turned 70 years old. Yes, she never managed to break through to the very top of public authority in America, but she was, and perhaps remains, an influential figure in American politics. There is the concept of Deep State about those people who are actually “pulling at the threads.” Hillary was the first lady, but in fact she was the helmsman in a family couple with President Clinton. Such a force of character shown in the story with Bill’s affair is not possessed by any man in American politics.

In her first election campaign in 2007, Hillary Clinton refused to star in for the cover of the American Vogue. She explained: “This is something too feminine.” Before the second attempt in 2015, she began to change more often trouser suits for dresses, bright accessories appeared and even a lipstick shade for the presidential candidate was developed specially. But in the videos on the eve of the election, she still remains a warrior woman.

With her future husband, Hillary met at the law faculty of Yale University. Now few people doubt that it was she who made Bill Clinton of the hippy politician – first as governor of Arkansas, and after a few more years as president of America. She herself did not hide that her husband was a “ram”: “If I did not give him a kick in the ass, he would not have achieved anything,” Hillary Clinton said.

With an average height of 170 centimeters, in the students years Hillary played basketball, and her inherent ambition and assertiveness helped to achieve good results. Later this experience will be useful to her in politics, for power Hilary fought with political heavyweights, and, despite gender discrimination, went to her main goal – the presidential chair.

Becoming the first lady, she actually proved that she would not be the shadow of her husband. Her destiny is not to plant flowers on the White House lawn. Almost immediately after the inauguration, Hillary Clinton took up the reform of health care. Her post sounded almost like a military – the head of the operational group. The reform failed, but, somehow, Hillary’s political debut took place.

Family idyll Clinton often resembles the formula “only business, nothing personal.” Here Hillary gives consent to the second run for president. “My mother, my hero and our next president Hillary Clinton,” her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, represented during the campaign.

All 200 years, the US was ruled by white male Protestants. Religious discrimination was overcome with the arrival of the Catholic Kennedy. Racial – under Barack Obama. Hillary wanted to overcome gender. “The Americans need a champion, and I want to become this champion. You can do more than just look from the side, you can get ahead,” Clinton urged.

After the defeat, not immediately, but Hillary Clinton still went to the public. A minimum of cosmetics and, it seems, dreams of a pension: “There were times when all I wanted was to curl up on the couch with a good book or our dogs and never go out again.”

This performance has remained a mystery – again a cold calculation or a female hawk still did not hesitate to look weak.

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