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To be a hero means to be a real human, a good person. And all because in a real person such qualities as sincerity, honesty, boldness, kindness are harmoniously collected. Such people can be easily recognized in the crowd. They seem to radiate compassion and good nature. Anyone who calls himself a “man” will never refuse to help, always stands up for a just cause and will not condemn anyone. He will treat everyone equally and will never humiliate anyone. And if they ask me “What does it mean to be a man?”, I immediately answer that being a person means giving happiness to others, living with a clear conscience and possessing only positive properties of character.

Every human is a person with his temperament and character traits. Someone is quick-tempered, someone is not emotional. Someone is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of humanity, but someone cares only about themselves. Someone is so generous that he is ready to share the last shirt, and someone is mean to the extreme. There are a lot of such dualities, and if they are found in pure form, then it is definitely bad and unworthy of a person. Then what should a person be like? Yes, he must be responsive, but at the same time know his own worth. Do not neglect yourself and your aspirations, but do not infringe upon the dignity of others.

So, what does it mean to be a good person, to be a hero? Here everything is simple: a significant person is one that is needed and important. Paradoxically, everyone who lives in a society strives to be significant and recognized. But to be a real person, you do not need to have huge financial resources. The individual has the right to experience feelings of indignation and irritation, he is allowed to commit insane acts. That’s what it means to be human. And the significance of a person from the fact that he experiences a diverse range of feelings, is not understated. On the contrary, it makes him more sincere. And this is not such a bad trait, which characterizes what a person should be.

Junasei Terasawa, a wandering Buddhist monk, answered the question “What does it mean to be a man?”. He has long studied the history of the emergence of religions and civilization in general. And gradually came to the conclusion that at the heart of all religions of the world, there lie respect. And in ancient times, people were fond of heroes. They always stood and supported them. They wrote and retold legends about heroes. Heroes of the past did not fear death or loss of material values, they possessed an unlimited consciousness, feeling themselves part of the universe. Nobody was born a hero, they gradually became, educating in themselves not only common human qualities, but also the ability to be happy, because that’s what attracted people.

Now the composition “What does it mean to be a hero” can sound differently. Of course, you can describe him as the ideal representative of the genus Homo Sapiens, but if you take into account the teachings of Aristotle and assume that in everyone there are negative traits, then this is inappropriate. Therefore, the example will be: “I do not know what it means to be a hero. In the world there are too many conventions that people must meet and, wishing to be accepted in society, we comply with these rules. Every day we put on masks of respectable citizens and plunge into the abyss of gray everyday life. And in the evening, when the masks are taken off, everyone plunges into himself and tries to understand who he is. I do not think that this creature can be described by the word “man”. I think being a man means being yourself in any life situation. A person is not always and in everything should be perfect, he can be sad and worried. What makes a person a hero is not a match for an ideal type, but the ability to feel and understand someone else’s pain. And another person should be able to find happiness in small things. That’s all. Just like heroes, good people become gradually. But if a person turns into someone who can be called such a word with a capital letter, he will definitely become someone’s hero. It can not be in any other way”. And as a result, we can say the following: a hero is someone who knows how to empathize and support, does not hesitate of his real feelings and will always find the reason for a kind and sincere smile. Such were the heroes once, and being like them means being human.


Heroes, which we are used to see on TV screens – who are they? They are knights without fear and reproach, muscular, brutal, succeeding in saving the world from the invasion of aliens (comets, monsters, mysterious epidemics, and so on).

We look at them, realizing that they are part of a fairy tale invented by someone and we will never become like them – Torah, Spider-Man, Superman. We watch the movie, turn off the TV and plunge into everyday worries – we forget about the superheroes from the blockbuster very soon.

But there are heroes who walk the streets of the city, save money before paycheck, get sick and rejoice at what they can affect, – ordinary people, outwardly unlike Hollywood handsome men. And when we see in the news, for example, that the battalion commander is covering himself with a grenade to save an unintentional fighter, there remains a trace in our souls. Why? Because the real hero is not that handsome man with a Hollywood smile in a peculiar suit, but a simple officer, an ordinary man with his minuses and pluses, but most importantly – having a big, kind heart. Because his feat is real, although he did not save mankind from the attack of a zombie or the Apocalypse.

This example of heroism is one of many. And not always a good deed ends in the death of the hero. Take at least volunteers who raise funds for children’s hospices or a teenager rescuing a dog from ice water. But why do people need this, why risk their lives, health, emotional calm for the sake of strangers or animals?

Probably, there would be no disinterested and brave people on Earth, if before each heroic deed they weighed the profit or damage for themselves. Good deeds are done at the call of the heart, heroes help others, because they can not act in a different way. How does a person become a hero? By cultivating in oneself such qualities as justice, mercy, boldness – these are the main features of heroes in everyday life. So, let’s figure out how to become a hero in life and whether it’s for you.


They say that people are not born as heroes but become ones. But for what – for glory, reward, the salvation of others? Perhaps, feats are being made in order to live in harmony with one’s own conscience. Agree, you can pass by the fallen old man, without giving a hand to help get up. But what will happen in your soul? A nasty feeling of awareness of own indifference. And every time we make a deal with ourselves, “without seeing” the ills of others, we become more stale, more bitter, as if there was no kindness and pity in our hearts.

Even doing an insignificant kind deed (to help an elderly woman pick up packages, pay attention to a lost child, find owners for a stray animal, clean a neighbor from the snow), we, first of all, ennoble our own soul. Look around, someone needs your help, it’s only necessary to see those who ask and need.

You might think that it is easy to become a hero during war or natural disaster. But how to become a hero in life, if your everyday life is monotonous and unremarkable – study, work, family, home? Let’s consider the initial stages of work on yourself:

  1. Fight your fears.

Let’s say you would like to help a neighbor’s large family, giving them their let and used things, but still good. But you are uncomfortable to approach and just offer help (neighbors might think that you think they are beggars). Do not be afraid, shyness is not the best trait for a brave person. Think how to become a real hero – start acting! Approach and offer help if you see that people are in need. Do not try to help with pressure, be careful and tactful. You will never help a person who does not need your help.

  1. Consider the qualities of your enemies.

By analogy with the movie heroes, who usually have sworn enemies, try to identify one or more people unpleasant to you. It does not have to be a villain of a global scale. Look closely at people who are frankly unpleasant to you-what are their qualities and traits you don’t like? For example, you hate a colleague at work who dissolves gossip about others, etc. Identify unacceptable traits for you and never allow yourself to be like a colleague who you don’t like, do not listen to her “news” for preserving peace in the team. On the contrary, give her a rebuff when she again comes to you to gossip. Let her be surprised that there is a person who can resist it.

  1. Stop considering yourself a loser.

If you seriously think about how to become a real hero, then drop all thoughts about the insignificance of your nature for the benefit of others. Why do you think you are worse than others? Answers about the lack of education, flaws in appearance, low-paid positions are just your excuses. For a good deed, neither external beauty, nor riches, nor deep knowledge are needed. For a feat, you need a good heart and the ability to hear and feel someone else’s pain. Therefore, do not pay attention to people who with evil irony and condescension critic others. What did your critics achieve? Why do they have the right to evaluate you or anyone else? If you are thinking how to become a hero in life, then stop to rely on the opinion of outsiders.

1. Do not listen to malice.

If you are determined to embark on a clean path of helping others, then do not be surprised that soon after you hear the “well-wishers”. Even after starting to feed a homeless kitten, you will be able to hear neighbors talking about the unfortunate animal exposing the entire house to the possibility of contracting terrible and deadly diseases. And it’s not even in the kitten, the real deal is that you were not afraid to go against the current – the unfortunate creature regretted, and did not throw it in a dark night in a strange yard. Do not give in to cruelty, do not be afraid to act contrary to someone’s opinion. If you decide to save a small soul – save, and neighbors will talk and find a new victim for discussion.

2. Start with small acts.

How to become a real superhero if there is no disaster planned, if you do not have a lot of financial resources in your account, if you have never had a tragedy before your eyes that could help someone? You do not have to immediately strive to become a hero of the country – for starters it will be enough to become a hero for one man only. Help someone to cross the road, give way to transport to the old woman, buy and present flowers to the veteran. Do not hide your heart from those in need of help and support. Having met your eyes with someone who needs help, do not turn away, go to a meeting, not thinking that someone else will help. And let you become a hero only for a single person, even for one day – this will be a big step towards becoming a real hero. And the best option, how to become a hero, is to become one for your loved ones. They will give you strength and support for further achievements.

3. Find out the way.

Do not give up reading books and watching movies about heroes and their exploits. Often people switch the channel, not wanting to burden themselves with sad stories about the heroes. Indeed, it is not easy to watch reports about people who gave their lives for the salvation of others. But do not be afraid of experiencing emotions, do not hide your soul in a shell. Think about what qualities were inherent in the characters from the TV report or article. And maybe it’s worth educating them in yourself.


Every person has a natural need to stand out from the crowd. It is important to decide that you want to be better than others and why you need it. A person will never become a hero just because of a desire for fame or money. How does a person become a hero? You must be to be able to overcome your own fear of accomplishing a feat.

Perhaps, it is just necessary to remain decent, honest, open, in order to be able at the right time to hear the call of the needy. One should give up indifference, spiritual deafness, to be a man with a capital letter. Think, the heroes, which the whole country knows, did not sometimes have a moment to think about whether to perform a feat or not. Because in their nature, the best human qualities were laid. To live in harmony with one’s own “I” without going on about low-quality qualities is the best way to become a real hero.

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