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gay marriage essay example


  1. Gay marriage: Experience in different countries
  2. Gay marriage: History of gay marriage in the USA
  3. Gay marriage: Myths and reality – Example of persuasive essay
  4. Should gay marriage be legalized?
  5. Pros and cons of legalization of gay marriage




The issue of gay marriage is very controversial. Many people are confused with medieval beliefs, which appear to be complete nonsense. The voice of sanity has completely lost itself in the flow of these myths, lies and mystifications.

When it comes to discussion of gay marriage, many people become aggressive and it gets hard for them to hear their opponent. But being a member of civilized society, I hope that my essay will be able to change the mind of at least one person and make people realize the real picture of modern world.

I will not explain the trivial truths here, that homosexuality is not a “disease”, that sexual orientation is an innate property of a person’s personality, etc. Who still does not know this, can turn to medical literature, there it is said clearly and unambiguously. I want to stop now on the myths about same-sex marriage. And hopefully, this will persuade my readers.



“The threat of demography” is the most ridiculous thesis of opponents of gay marriage, only a person who can not understand the question of where the children are coming from can do so. Moreover, it is surprising how far this myth is spread and repeated in every discussion on this topic.

It’s a little embarrassing for me to explain things that are known even to younger schoolchildren, but I must tell you that children are born not by “heterosexuals”, but WOMEN. In different-sex families, children are born by women naturally, in same-sex families of children give birth to lesbian women – with equal success. And fathers of lesbian children are often the same gay men who cause especially painful anxiety in homophobes.

My old good friends – a lesbian family – will get a third baby in a few months. These are ordinary cute educated intelligent girls who love their mothers – almost everyone reading this line probably has the same acquaintances, you just might not know about it. A large family of homosexuals with their own, native (!), I emphasize, children – is this the very “blow to demography”?!

In our patriarchal society, women are still not considered to be people in full manner, and therefore in disputes over same-sex marriage, everyone completely forgets that homosexuals are not only male but also female, and the birth of children for lesbians is as natural and desirable as for heterosexual women . As for men, they can not give birth to children purely physiologically – and in this straight men are also no different from gays. No heterosexual man has ever given birth to a single child, and no one thinks of reproaching them.

When same-sex marriages are finally recognized, there will not be less children, rather there will become more. Because in a country where the institution of the family is protected by the state and respected by society, people are more willing to have children. So, for example, the United Kingdom in 2005, officially started to register same-sex partnerships, and in 2009-2010 the country was swept by an unprecedented baby boom. The maternity ward was filled with women in labor, women faced big problems, they had to find vacant places in maternity homes in remote areas. In 2009, 747 cases of refusal were given to women in their placement in state maternity hospitals because of the lack of places.

In the vast majority of countries where homosexual families have been recognized by the state for many years (same-sex marriages or partnerships are registered), and there are already more than 30 such countries in the world, the birth rate is higher than in homophobic countries. These are the dry facts of statistics, which everyone can familiarize with.


Like any homophobic myth, such statements are shameless lies and turn reality to the opposite. In recent years, the press has been writing a lot about Britain and France in connection with the adoption of laws on marriage equality in these countries, so let’s look at these countries and look closely.


According to IFOP, the oldest reputable French sociological institute, since 2000 and to our days, ie. for more than 17 years, most Frenchmen have expressed stable support for the right to same-sex marriage. Over the past 8 years, this support by society has never fallen below 60%.

Even if you subtract all homosexuals (5-7%) from the results of these surveys, then in this case it turns out that same-sex marriage is supported by the majority of heterosexual French – and for the second decade in a row. Layouts for the age categories of the population are even more impressive – up to 75% of citizens under the age of 35 approve same-sex marriages, and up to 70% of young French people support the right to adopt by same-sex families.

Such a confident long-term position of the majority of citizens of the country can not be ignored and, of course, it finds a logical reflection in the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of France, the Parliament, election promises of candidates for the presidency. Politicians do not “impose” anything on society, but on the contrary – politicians are forced to adapt to the dominant public sentiments.

But it is much more important to understand why the absolute majority of French suddenly for no reason, for no reason advocate same-sex marriages. And the answer to this question destroys all homophobic horror stories, like a house of cards.

In 1999, the law on civil partnerships PACS came into force in France – same-sex families were able to get out of the underground, they began to officially register, they became visible to the society. Millions of French people have lived side by side with legal same-sex families since 1999 – these people are their neighbors, colleagues at work, friends, and, after all, close and distant relatives! Millions of French people saw with their own eyes that homosexual families are just as normal as families of blacks, families of Jews, families of red or left-handed people. And naturally, since then, for the absolute majority of the French, it seems savage to take and “forbid” normal people to marry, “forbid” to build full-fledged families, and raise children. Unfortunately, such wildness in some states of our country is still considered “norm”.


Now let’s take a look at the UK, they have also been discussing the law on same-sex marriage. And here our champions of racial purity are even more disappointed. In the United Kingdom, same-sex civil partnerships were officially recognized back in 2005, and people who have entered into civil partnership have the same rights as those who are in usual marriage, including the right to adopt children. So marriage in Britain is different from partnership just by name, and the dramatic controversies that are shown to us in reports from London are purely linguistic in nature – is it possible to call a same-sex family a “marriage” or, even more, called “partnership.”

The issue of recognizing same-sex families, as such, is no longer in the hands of British society – only 15% of marginals are opposed to same-sex unions in any form, according to a poll conducted by YouGov Plc.

Again, to fix attention, let’s repeat that French since 1999, and the British since 2005 live side by side with officially recognized full-fledged same-sex families. Over the years, heterosexual Britons and the French have seen with their own eyes that they are the most normal people and the most normal families, and therefore, for the most part, have nothing against same-sex families, as they have nothing against Eskimo families or Australian aborigines.


We have given examples from Europe, there can be an impression that marriage equality does not extend beyond Europe. Same-sex marriages or civil partnerships are recognized in Canada, and a dozen US states, and in some Mexican states, and in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, South Africa, and Australia. In general, this is done by already more than three dozen countries around the world.

By the way, let’s look at some very interesting facts on the example of Canada. Since 2005, full-fledged same-sex marriages are officially registered throughout Canada. In the past years since then, tens of thousands of same-sex marriages have been registered. Let’s look at the results of a survey conducted by Forum Research Inc.  Amazing things are revealed. For years of openly recognizing same-sex marriages, all Canadians for some reason did not “become gay and lesbian”, surprising, right? Homosexuals there are still the same 5%, the orientation of no one has changed. One in three of these homosexuals are now in same-sex marriage – quite a significant number – but look at the percentage of the total number of residents in the country, same-sex couples are only a half of the interest!

Although gay and lesbians turned out to be only 5%, and generally less than two percent of the population of them are married, but almost every third Canadian has gay, bisexual, or lesbian among close or distant relatives. Do you think the figures in any homophobic country will be different? No. By our homophobia, our aggression, ignorance and meanness, we mutilate lives – our own relatives suffer.

Every third Canadian in kinship with homosexual people, every third Canadian has at least one acquaintance from same-sex families. And, of course, most Canadians approve the institution of same-sex marriage, because people are not divided in such a way, and everyone should have the right to a full-fledged family happiness.


Scientists have been conducting research on the issue of gay marriage. At the moment, the results of such research are promising – in terms of success, development and health, children raised in same-sex families, do not differ from their peers from traditional families. But there is one problem – only 13% of the interviewed children admitted that they live in the same-sex family, all others hide this fact. Hence the question arises – how can children from such families be able to adapt to a children’s community, which is much tougher than the adult world? Will this leave a psychological trauma to the child? How does a single-parent family affect the religious and sexual upbringing of a child? Only time can answer these questions.

The single-parent family, as a social unit, is the norm. Homosexuality is not a disease, not a pathology, but one of the options for interpersonal relationships. Research by scientists suggests that such families may well be fully functional. Homosexuals can give the same good education, upbringing and health to their child, like others. The only thing that impedes the development of same-sex marriages today is the very society whose contempt and protests entail stereotypes and homophobia, and, consequently, do not allow creating a healthy atmosphere for the development of future generations.

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