Friendship Essay Example and Tips

friendship essay example tips


Friendship, like all interpersonal relationships, is quite complex for a clear definition of the concept. What is real friendship, everyone understands in their own way. To answer this question, factors such as the environment of upbringing, national and cultural characteristics, interests and personal qualities of a person matter.


In friendship, there are some minor at first glance distinctions. For example, what is the difference between concepts like an acquaintance and a friend? Friendship is sympathy, interesting communication on the basis of common interests, and a sense of support. We can say that the acquaintance can be the beginning of friendship, but it can remain at this level.

When answering the question of what real friendship means, one must take into account that this type of relationship is determined by the degree of people’s trust in each other. In youth, it is easy to start making friends, because the criteria and claims for trust in a particular person are still rather low. When communicating in a large company, people develop sympathy, which becomes the beginning of a friendly relationship.

Unlike a partnership, where the community of interests is the determining factor, there can be no friendship between the two people at all. How many times could you see examples of true friendship between absolutely, even radically different people. This effect is similar to the points of contact. If they exist and are preserved by people, then friendship, despite differences in lifestyle and priorities, continues to exist.


At all times, deceit and meanness were committed by the closest people. Nobody expects that the dear person will be able to betray. Although in practice it happens all the time. Of course, everyone hopes for friendship, but does it exist in our life?

Friendship is a selfless and at the same time personal relationship built between people. It is based on trust, mutual sympathy, sincerity, common interests and views. An obligatory condition for the formation and further development of friendly relations is the absence of any interpersonal competition and a relatively equal position on the social ladder.

True friends will love you not for some of your achievements or connections, but simply because you are who you are. They will turn to you for help. And, on the contrary, they will help you and support you in any situation. Only a true friend will never leave you alone. You will miss this person when he is not there, and at the time of the meeting think “why did I miss (him)?”. After all, true friendship is like love, this is the strongest feeling that unites hearts.

In the modern world, it is difficult to find such friends, because people make too many demands on their potential friend. In general, you do not need to look for friends, they will be eventually found themselves. For example, when you need someone’s help. A friend’s help should be spiritual. Such help is simply impossible to compare with some kind of material support, because these are real feelings and care, sensible advice and sympathy… The person’s physical needs for help can be just a trifle in his life, but still they play simply great value. At the same time, it is moral requirements that are very important when people are in a stressful situation, in depression. True friendship does not have any rules, friends can set their own rules. After all, this is only their personal relationship. Naturally, in friendship it is necessary not only to use help when it is needed, but also to support and help in return.

English psychologists conducted surveys of people in the UK, Japan, China and other countries to highlight the general rules of true friendship. It turned out, in spite of the difference in cultural and religious traditions, the basic criteria coincided. In a real friend people value:

  • Ability to respect and value a friend as a person with all his shortcomings and oddities.
  • Ability to keep a secret trusted by a friend.
  • Mutual reward, that is, attention, support, help.

Also, from the studies, it was concluded that the emotional factor plays a more important role in female friendship than in the male. Unlike the older generation, where relations are built on a set of interests, mutual assistance and common pastime are of great importance for young people.

In order to truly trust a person, you need to go through a lot of life tests and troubles with him, make sure that a friend will not leave in trouble or an unpleasant situation. That is why people so appreciate the friends of their youth, who are tested by time and jointly experienced adversities.


At first glance, friendly relations have become commonplace for a long time. People begin to communicate with each other, gradually they find common ground, topics of conversations, however, this is not friendship, but only a good acquaintance. It is necessary to hope for a friend in the last place and this is not a pessimist’s opinion. In fact, many people believe that there is only one friend in life, who are all the rest?

Usually, constant communication with time develops and evolves into mutually beneficial relationships. A person needs help, he is helped, and then someone turns to him. So it turns out that communication never gives a positive result. The situation can be arbitrarily complex, the consequences are deception and denial of help. And this happens at the most inopportune moment.

Friendship is a complex relationship, there are positive and negative points in it. We have to overcome various obstacles in order to prove to our “good acquaintance” our true mood. True, only a few people become our good friends, because it is too difficult to pass through difficulties.

Friendly relations are desired by many people. Everyone wants to hope for support in the most difficult situation, when only a warm word is needed, and not some kind of financial assistance. Most often it is not interesting, because after it a person turns to a bank where an excellent credit system works. So sometimes you just need to listen to a friend, do not push him away.

True, it is still necessary to rely only on himself and the closest people. Let life become difficult, but a person will live peacefully in a happy life in the family. Only in it there is always moral help and support. There is no need to look for friends and call them in difficult situations. It is best to go quietly to “your home”. Yet friendship is almost a myth, although if a person has a true friend, he should be happy about it.

Thus, it is easier not to expect a friend in advance. Otherwise, then you will have to be more upset by the unpleasant turns of fate, when the support that you expect is lost, and when you do not get it, you suffer and you are disappointed with people around you.

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