Freedom of Speech Essay Example and Tips


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Freedom of speech is a topic difficult enough for writing an essay. There will not be enough of your own thoughts and ideas, and you will have to turn to accessible literature on this topic. We advise you to read at least several articles on this topic and get acquainted with the legislation of your and other countries.

It will not be superfluous to use specific examples in the essay that will best illustrate your point of view. Statistical data is also appropriate. When working with statistics, remember that the data should be checked and taken from reliable sources. Besides, it should be new.


  1. Freedom of speech in the United States
  2. Freedom of speech and “fake news”
  3. State of freedom of speech in different countries of the world
  4. Reasons for the fall in the level of freedom speech in the world in recent years


The freedom of speech, freedom of opinion in the history of many peoples had a tragic fate. You can use these famous examples of via lotions of freedom of speech to illustrate your point of view in the essay.

  • French philosopher Voltaire ridiculed Duke Rogan. The Duke ordered his nephews to beat Voltaire, which was accomplished. Voltaire called the duke for a duel. But he refused, since Voltaire was not a nobleman.
  • On April 16, 1852, Russian writer I. S. Turgenev was imprisoned for an article about Gogol.
  • The author of Robinson Crusoe D. Defoe was sentenced to imprisonment for a satirical article. He spent the day tied to the shameful pillar on the square. Defoe was then forty-two years old.
  • The famous Italian philosopher, Giordano Bruno, was burned at the stake for “heretic philosophy.”
  • J. Russo for the book “Emil” was sentenced to imprisonment. Ran to England.
  • Beaumarchais after the presentation of his play “The Wedding of Figaro” was arrested and imprisoned.


Freedom of speech is one of the guarantees that our rights will not be violated, that the next dictator does not usurp to power, that we can and will fight corruption not only in words, that nobody will be imprisoned just for that. Freedom of speech is a guarantee that such a law that will run counter to already existing laws will not be adopted.

Take Israel, for example. There is no ideal freedom of speech, there is still much to be desired. However, a few years ago, they discovered a bribe from the acting prime minister. The journalists took hold of this incident, talked about it in all media. Eventually Ehud Olmert sat in jail.

The only ones who are trying to destroy the freedom of speech are those who violate the law. And it always goes from top to bottom: from the top of the political pyramid to the bottom, when the journalists are frightened for their lives.

In a democratic society, politicians and journalists live in a very interesting symbiosis. Politicians through the newspapers see the mood of society, find out what the real problems are. Journalists, on the other hand, receive a lot of really interesting information, which makes them more popular and stronger.


Freedom of speech, expression and dissemination of information in the world has fallen to the lowest level in the last ten years, and journalism has become an increasingly dangerous profession. This follows from the report of the British human rights organization and the international research project Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem).

Human rights defenders analyzed the situation in 172 countries of the world from 2006 to 2016 on the basis of 32 social and political indicators, including censorship on the Internet, persecution of journalists, equality of social classes, level of corruption, etc.

In particular, over the past 10 years, censorship has increased on the Internet, and much of the content there “is regulated by several Internet companies whose standards do not differ in transparency.” And the governments of different countries go to unprecedented measures to suppress the votes of disagreeing and protest actions, in particular, non-profit organizations include in the lists of “foreign agents” with all the consequences and limitations for their work.

“We live in a time when governments around the world deviate from their human rights obligations. Freedom of speech is often the first victim: censorship in the name of national security, new laws to protect us from insults, and unprecedented monitoring of our private communication,” says the report.

The most significant deterioration in freedom of speech and expression of opinion is in Turkey, which the organization calls “the largest prison for journalists in the world.” There are 152 Turkish journalists in prisons. Over 170 media (newspapers, sites, TV channels, news agencies) were closed after last year’s coup attempt, 2,500 journalists were dismissed.

Among the most disadvantaged countries are Brazil, Burundi, Egypt, Venezuela, Poland and Bangladesh. In total, 79 journalists were killed last year, 259 journalists were sent to jail.

In addition, among the countries where “the suppression of political opponents by physical methods has intensified,” human rights defenders call Turkey, Burundi, Thailand and Russia. And in these countries more and more civil society is being suppressed.

But there are positive changes too, and among those countries where they occurred, Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Nepal and Sri Lanka are named.


The freedom of speech in modern society is very necessary, because it is the most important thing that a person can have, if the material goods are thrown away. It is important that everyone can freely think and express their thoughts, so that he can express his opinion even if he does not like the majority, but it also has a place to be. And the main thing is that a person has equal rights with the rest, even though his point of view may be different. Therefore, people are at risk to achieve freedom of speech.

History knows a lot of examples when people gave their lives when fighting for their freedom of speech. And there is no need to explain why this sacrifice is worth it.

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