Finalizing your Nursing Application Essay

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Once you feel like your nursing application essay has attained its maximum potential, you need to take care of the format of your paper, so as to comply with the submission criteria. A nursing application essay should feature a Times New Roman font, size 12. You can either use 1.5 spacing or double spacing. The edges of your paper must not go beyond 2cm. As indicated earlier, to make sure your nursing essay is of the highest quality, you should verify it on several grammar and orthography sites. To check if important terms haven’t been repeated too often, utilize keyword density websites. If you notice that your essay does include too many repetitions, you can swiftly solve the issue by using the synonym dictionary.

Last but not least, before submitting your nursing essay, you should read the criteria more than once. Moreover, you should establish a precise strategy for fulfilling all of the requirements. You need to prevent formatting errors from impacting the original content of your paper.

Avoid Plagiarism

If plagiarism is detected in your nursing application essay, you may fail. However, you can easily avert this scenario by indicating each material you’ve utilized when writing the paper. If there is an absence of quoted materials, your audience may think that you wish to present another author’s work as your own. In case you feel like a passage you’ve found in an external material can bring something valuable to your essay, all you need to do is refer to it in the bibliography, and there won’t be any problems. When citing a paper or a thesis of a particular author, you need to mention the date of their work between parentheses, next to their name. If you want to add a whole passage from an external material, all you need to do is use quotes on the fragment and insert the author’s name, the date and the page number between parentheses.

Reference Section

Each reference you include in your nursing essay ought to correspond to a more detailed version of it in the bibliography. When doing an online search, you’ll find plenty of websites that can automatically format your references using the MLA style after introducing some variables. This is a much more time-efficient alternative to formatting the paper yourself. Here are a few examples on citing data from distinct varieties of materials:

  1. Books: Jacobs-Peterson, C.M. (2013). Caregiving: How to Take Care of Immobilized Patients. A section of a publication edited by a person who was not the author of the chapter: Williams, S. (2014). Alzheimer nursing. In P.B. Johnson, & J.R. Andrews (eds). Nursing: The Most Rewarding Profession. London: National Organization of Nursing Writers, pp. 12-34.
  2. Journal Article: Cleary, L., Nielsen, C., & Butler, S. (2005). Working in a hospital environment: Various contradictory perspectives. Nursing Careers, 6, 76-78.
  3. Internet Diary Article: Stevens, G., & Anderson, A.L. (1999). How to Advance in A Nursing Career: The Best Types of Nursing Training.

Need Assistance with Writing a Nursing Essay?

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